The final results of the e-Procurement Golden Book of Good Practice are now available online

We are pleased to announce that the final results of the e-Procurement Golden Book of Good Practice have been published and are now available on DG MARKT’s web pages. The full report is also available for download here.

The study consists of a set of 24 good practices that have been extracted, classified and organised into a catalogue of good practices. The information contained in the presented practices is based on observations and lessons learnt from an in-depth assessment of 28 e-Procurement platforms in 18 European countries.

Our sincere thanks go to all the e-Procurement platform owners and experts who shared their knowledge and thinking with us. Their active and candid participation is the single greatest factor in the success of this study.

We are interested in your feedback and would like to invite you to send your comments, thoughts or ideas either by commenting on this post below or by filling in this feedback form.

What happens next?

A self-assessment survey aimed at helping you assess your platform will be made available online shortly by the study team.

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