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A Study on e-Procurement measurement and benchmarking for DG MARKT

Despite e-Procurement now being enabled in all EU Member States’ national legislation and the fact that the infrastructure and tools are, in general, in place, the Commission estimates that, on average, less than 5% of total procurement budgets in the first‐mover Member States is awarded through electronic systems.

The considerable variation in e-Procurement platforms and service models is a major obstacle to the wide adoption of e-Procurement and an important block to cross-border and SME participation.

e-Procurement platforms are not user-friendly, and trying to access and learn how to use them is often time-consuming, inefficient and frustrating  foreign economic operators.

There is a need to objectively assess the level of performance that the e-Procurement solutions have reached and to identify successful service models.

PwC together with 2 other sub-contractors will help the European Commission to create a report, referred to as the “Golden book” of good e-Procurement practices, which which will provide objective data on good e-Procurement practices keeping the user and the European single market in focus. These practices are gathered by assessing existing e-Procurement platforms in the EU. The Commission will publish the results of this study as web-pages on the Internet.

The project consists of 3 main tasks:

  1. Identification of 20 to 30 platforms to be assessed;
  2. In-depth review of the 20 to 30 platforms;
  3. Writing the “Golden Book” report; identification of good practices and recommendations.


6 thoughts on “About the Project

  1. Definitely Portugal will be an excellent example regarding the e-Tendering process.
    With a complex legislation (almost 700 articles listed on 18/2008 CCP act) the several solutions providers were able to offer a platform that besides of being full compliance with the legislation still have the concern for usability and intuitiveness.
    But (there is always a but :) ) 6 platforms certified and implemented in the several government organizations is a huge effort for SME when dealing with it. Besides being an extra cost for them (time-stamps, digital certificates and in some there are a monthly fee) also need the technical resources to operate with different platforms.
    Let’s hope that with golden book we can bring some new practical measures to simplify the SME businesses with Public sector.

  2. I’ll wait for the results of the project with a high level of interest. In Italy for instance there are several platform supporting in a way or another (better or worse) the e-procurement process (mostly e-tendering sub process). It is very important to define a sort of “certified” secure platforms.

  3. Our Platform is in using by several Public Administrations in Italy. We’d like let you know on the topics and the quality of our product in a demo and sending of main caracteristics. Please contact me in Milan by mail adress.

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